The Philippine Women’s College of Davao held its third iteration of the eSports segment last week. During the third run of the DotA 2 tournament, it again came down the wire between the flagship teams of the Business Administration (Yellow Spartan) and Information Technology (Red Vikings).

The first two championships were split evenly between the two, with BA winning the debut competition in 2017 and IT taking the crown last year.

An impressive Upper Bracket run by the Information Technology with a support Invoker in their UB Final gave them a quick twice to beat advantage in the for the Championship Day last December 6, 2019.

It turns out, the Information Technology squad consisting of: Renex Marc Rosales, Karryl Lou Tindoc, Rodney Kyle Benedicto, Marciano Calo, Quintin Linawen, Martin Asuncion did not need to take advantage of their twice to beat advantage as they have brushed aside their opponent in the lone Grand Finals match that was played.

Picture Opportunity with Georg Kevin Paquet of Pinoy Teens New Media, Engelbert Joting DotA 2 organizer and the champion team (C) Raphael Balusa

The Philippine Women’s College of Davao Tertiary Education Department Intramural 2019 was sponsored by the Collection of Geniuses, while the eSports segment of the whole event was sponsored by Pinoy Teens New Media.

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