A very hot topic on Twitter at the moment is the sudden and surprise departure of Ramona Bautista to Hong Kong. She may be part of the Ram Revilla Murder.

Despite insisting to be clean and not guilty regarding the killing of Ram Revilla, this unexpected move out of the country by Ramona Bautista just adds damage and controversy over the whole issue and over her name as well.

Tweeps are one in opinion that Ramona Bautista must have something to do with the death of Ram Revilla, or at worst was the very mastermind of it. This move solidifies their beliefs even more.

@gmanews noted that: NAIA confirms departure of Ramona Bautista on flight bound for Hong Kong at 8:20pm today.

What are your thoughts on the issue? Is she really guilty of killing her brother Ram Revilla? Let us know in the comments below!