If quality hosting is what you are looking for, then *look no further* as I’m about to present to you, the last hosting provider you need to migrate over to.

## Pinoy Teens’ Official Hosting Provider

It’s no secret that Pinoy Teens once belonged to one of the most visited blogs from the Philippines. We used to have days where over 5,000 – 15,000 people would easily find its way to our site. (Of course, I’m trying hard to get there again, soon)

Those who have been observing us in the last 3-4 years might’ve noticed already that downtimes have become the least of our concerns at the moment. Even at days when we’d get 50,000 hits – Pinoy Teens would still stand proud and tall.

It’s been almost 3 years now since we’re hosted by Eleven2. (formerly Sharkspace, but was then acquired by Eleven2 somewhere last year) Ever since we’ve moved our site to this hosting provider – our issues with downtimes moved away. We never had to look anywhere else to move to anymore, because we’re right here at home, at one of the worlds best hosting providers.

### Why Eleven2?

I used to be very cautious in advising people where they have their sites hosted at – not anymore. Whenever people would come up to me and ask where we’re hosted, I’d swiftly say that it’s Eleven2 and Eleven2 only.

The reason why I recommend their service to everyone is, because it’s been proven and tested by me firsthand. If there had been any issues with them, it always used to be the small, easily to be resolved ones – issues you’d have with any hosting provider every now and then. But like I said, downtime, memory issues and a sluggish hosting environment account to least of them.

Aside from that, Eleven2 is quite cheap. They offer you monthly plans (which are actually the most expensive) and plans that come in yearly, biannual and triennially packages – each cheaper than the former. You could save up to 55% if you chose to pay ahead 3 years of hosting – something I’d highly recommend you doing.

For example, you could get 250GB of storage and 20,000GB of bandwidth at a price of $162 for 3 years. (that’s $4.5/month)

So, why don’t you see for yourself if Eleven2 is the suitable hosting provider for you? You can even go ahead and search reviews about them on the internet – most of which are positive anyway.

Where to host your sites again? Of course, at **Eleven2**. 😀