Today was the Computer Day 2008 for the Philippine Women’s College of Davao BED High School Department, and I have to admit that it was a total disaster, especially during the closing moments of the program.

I don’t know what went wrong, but all our preparations the other day including the earlier preparation this morning appeared to be senseless and useless, although not totally, but just a bit. I hate it, that the fellow Students were unable to show their respect to what we, the SITE have come up with and left after the main parts of the program that passed.

Yes, the time schedule was not very friendly, and was set between the Recess and the Lunch, which was a big factor that led to the leaving of the fellow students who were hungry, but still, I don’t find it right that they have just left like that, without letting us finish the program.

It was a painful fact for me, that I was unable to present my very nice Closing Remarks that I prepared for the conclusion of the event, even my classmates who have anticipated that moment to come have left. Here’s how the remark would have gone:

Like any other program, the Computer Day 2008, comes to an end. We hope that all of you have learned something, and, that you may be able to implement any of these new skills in the field of computer and technology to your daily routine.

We are proud, that in our very own PWC High School Community, there have been a lot of skilled people, who have showed their talents in the recent activities. Students from Acacia and Yakal for programming, the freshmen and the sophomores for the HTML editing and designing.

Besides the year levels in general, there have been some key individuals who have excelled too, for example, Anelu Diwa Anung for Photo editing, and a senior, yours truly, who reigned on top of the Web Developers and Online Journalists of the Philippines for 2008, ranking as the tenth.

There are many more personalities in the locale who had their respective benchmark of achievements, but my time is limited and I cannot recognize them all.

Hence, we, the People from the SITE would like to thank you for your cooperation, participation and presence this morning. And as a little tribute, I personally want to invite you to try FLOCK (, the new web browser that we are supporting for better browsing experience.

May we all use the knowledge of computer in a efficient and positive way, good day.

What can you say about my Closing Remarks? Sayang talaga wala nang tao nun.