April Rose Ann Kwong

April Rose Ann Kwong - Kevin Paquet

It may not have been posted on the Ratified.Org blog yet, but I attended the event called Digital Filipino Club & Bloggers Networking Event just a couple of hours ago and had the very pleasing news delivered to my eyes and ears first-hand.

We’ve made it, we’re one of the top blogs for the year 2008 according to Ratified.Org and are ranked #10 if not mistaken. It’s a honor to be ranked as high as that on a Ranking System that has more than a couple of hundred websites in their database. Let’s hope for the best for the upcoming weeks and months here on Pinoy Teens.

For more information about the event, you’ll have to wait for a day or two until I get a good post of everything that happened out. But just one thing that I’d like to emphasize, I had fun. WordCamp Davao was very entertaining, the Software Freedom Day wasn’t bad too, yet this event has gotten even better. I wonder how much I’ll come to like the Mindanao Bloggers Summit this weekend.Tagay tayo pare!

Since Words do often tend to speak louder than words, let me allow to share to you one or two pictures from the event that was held at Grand Regal Hotel few hours ago. (You can see the images within the post)