It’s funny to note, but it’s like Google surprised us all, some positively and some.. not really. Google has updated Page Rank on New Years Day according to some friends of mine and other sources that I’ve been reading day in and day out. Excited as I was, I checked out the page rank of all of my domains and noted some drop, and some just staying the way they are. Well, looks like there isn’t any change in Page Rank for Pinoy Teens unlike it’s PR 4 state during 2009’s opening week. But that’s okay.

I’d rather have a PR of 3 instead of having higher PR that they will take away from me in a weeks time :p

I’m wondering though what the page rank of other websites are and how your Page Ranks are doing? If in case you are a blogger and noted a change in page rank, might it be positive or not, mind if you share it here with us?