Hello! I’m Clarissa, one of the writers of Pinoy Teens as you know.

Today, I woke up and checked my Formspring and I was overwhelmed by the number of hate messages pertaining to writers–specifically to the Quins.  Apparently, they’re comeback is not getting a positive take from people.  It’s okay, I understand… WE understand this but to express your hate through my Formspring is not the right thing to do.  I mean yeah, why me?  It also disappoints me that people are using me to make these productive people look less productive like comparing, etc.  I appreciate the love some people are giving me but you guys are going overboard, I guess.  I mean these people are pioneers of the blog so they deserve credit.  If they lacked updates in the past few weeks, let them be.  They had more relevant things to do when I had a more flexible schedule.  And now, it’s the other way around.  They’re having a comeback while I’m busy with academic stuff.  It’s the 2nd semester already for crying out loud.  So yeah, don’t expect much updates from me.  It’s not like these two are ganging up on me because I “stole” the attention from them before.  Okay?! So please stop using my Formspring to express hate stuff for them.  They should not be hated.  I even think they should be welcomed with your nice comments and appreciation from you guys. Come on, this site has been long running with their patience and hardwork before I came. Way before I came.  So there.

Thanks and have a good day. I’m sorry but I have to just air this out.  It’s pissing me off.  I do not know if I will still answer your Formspring questions regarding them but yeah. All I need to do now is to go to school and work my ass off. New article coming today.  Bye.