Other than your wedding, your 21st is perhaps the biggest event in your early life. It is an age where you’ve really begun to find your feet in adulthood and deserves a celebration like no other. There can be a lot to think about in setting up for an incredible party, so for a 21st you and your guests will never forget, make sure you follow this ultimate guide:

Location, location, location.

Whether you decide to hire out a place, or have the celebration in your own, this will be dependant upon how many people you intend on having and whether you want to do handle the setting up and clean up. There are plenty of party services that will also take care of everything if you decide to have a 21st in your home, modernparty.com.au do a phenomenal job in creating a stylish and elegant event with their services. Wherever you choose, make sure you have ample space for your guests to sit down and get some fresh air throughout the night.

Wow them from the start.

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You want to make sure your friends are excited and looking forward to the event weeks before the big bash. Do up some nice invitations giving them a little sneak peek into what to expect. When they do arrive, be sure to have some people out the front greeting them and letting them know where everything is. You may even want to pick up a photo booth and set it up at the entrance and then have them stick their photos into your guestbook. Have some finger food and drinks served to kick the party off and set everything off on the right foot.


You can only have so many conversations before people start to get a little weary and bored. Apart from having a DJ or your favourite band playing through the night, why not do something really unique and have some fire dancers or a magic show. Think a little outside the box and give your friends an experience they will never forget. If you are outside and the weather is nice think about renting a daiquiri/slushie machine alongside all of your other favourite drinks. You could even get an outdoor cinema set up with playstation and have your friends battle it own for the crown. Otherwise, throw on your favourite flick and fall asleep underneath the stars.

Something to remember.

Give your friends a small gift to remember the night. This should be something that reflects your personality- if you are into cars then give them a little toy car with your name and the date of your party, or you can have little photo frames to go with the photo booth.


If you all do not fall asleep underneath the stars, then make sure everyone gets to where they need to be safely. If you have a relatively small group and you are at your house, make sure your guest rooms are all set up. If you are out for the night, consider getting a deal at a hotel and staying all together. Rent a limo or a luxury car to escort you around and really live it up- you are only 21 once right?!