While we have almost recovered from our bad performance in terms of visitors in the past 5 weeks and went back to a high of 1,000 visitors yesterday, I was shocked to note that there has not been a single one visiting Pinoy Teens since midnight of this very day. And I think I know now what the reason for this is, a very simple button that has caused a lot of trouble, especially for the ones browsing with Google Chrome.

The alleged website that has been causing all the trouble for us, Pinoy-Topsites.Com is said to contain harmful material such as malware. We are linking to them and using an image as an element to link to them, therefore everyone who visited Pinoy Teens while the button was up was greeted by a friendly message to be careful or either leave. It can creep out people, and the I believe that majority of the users would really just click away to stay away from trouble that might harm their units.

Do you also use the Pinoy-Topsites.Com button? Do you know why it is said to be harmful to your computer?