Update: This post was originally published in March.

I decided to wait 2 weeks before publishing an article about the recent network switch we’ve made, just in case Smart would crap up like Globe does at times.

Who would have thought that Pinoy Teens would make the #SmartMove? Everyone who knows me personally, knows well that we’re actually using Globe for almost everything. We have Globe Mobile Internet when we’re on the Go, we have a Globe Plan for our Call & Text needs and we also have a Home-Broadband powered by Globe. Or wait, let me correct that, we ‘had’ a home-broadband powered by Globe.

The only thing ‘Globe’ left with us is our semi-Postpaid Load Tipid 500 line, because we’ve still got a year to go on our contract.

Why We Made the #SmartChoice

Globe started to be stricter in enforcing the cap for their mobile internet and Globe also started to suck big time with the internet at home. I guess we’ve had enough of all the mess, having to call Globe and all… Heck, we’ve had the home connection with Globe since 2009, and at least once every 3 months, we lose our connection for a day or two. It’s just unacceptable.

But really, the big bummer was that Globe implemented their stupid FUP on their Postpaid lines. I was tempted to avail of an iPhone5c/5s with Globe, but decided against it because of the 1GB/day cap. Why enforce such stupid cap for ‘quality of the network’ when you claim to have such an awesome network after the said ‘network modernization’?

SmartLTE – nothing comes close in my book.

After living in the realm of a 2MB home connection, and a less than 1Mb 3G connection with Globe Mobile Prepaid, I can confidently say that nothing comes to Smart LTE in my book. Whenever I have to download something from the iTunes App Store, I get speeds in the range of 15Mbs to 25Mbs, where with Globe I would have gotten around 2Mbs tops. It’s such a huge difference.

Even Smart’s 3G network is faster in my area around here with 6Mbs+ speeds. It’s not just where I live at the moment though, it’s pretty much the same wherever I do a Speedtest.

At Pinoy Teens we’re using Smart’s Unlisurf 1500 Plan with a free iPhone 5C (16GB) and a one-time 2,500PHP cash out fee for the device in a 24 month contract.

Make the Smart Choice, too, and live all out with Smart LTE!