We have recently received a lot of complaints coming from a lot of students from different schools scattered all over the Philippines. All, with a related dislike, which they want to raise the attention of, and that’s the education here, in the Philippines. One of our readers from the Holy Spirit School complained about the lack of presence of certain proctors during his examination hours. We’ve heard voices from Ateneo de Naga say that they feel bad about their classmates copying assignments at school. All of them want some change to be done, to improve the educated Filipino. It’s not hat they are jealous about their mates helping each other out, but they dislike the fact that thy are cheating themselves. Instead of contributing anything positive, they unconsciously develop a unpleasing attitude not needed in our nation.

We often label our government as cheats, as it often looks like they don’t give enough support to the common. Don’t you wonder why that is so? I believe, that some of you dislike ideas, but let me share to you my personal thought about this. It has been often proven true, (according to my father’s experience), that people who cheat when they are still young, will remain cheats in the future. He even named a couple of people he knows, as samples. At the young elementary ages, students start to cheat, and tend to carry this behavior until they become grown ups, at worst, apply it to the respective works that they’ll be having.

It sounds unlikely, but thee are really a lot of students who want teachers to become more strict, for schools to implement effective anti-cheating methods and the department of education to reinforce the minds of the students and remind them how cheats can influence the society and how those people most probably end up.

With this said, may we challenge all of you to stop cheating in class, but instead exert more effort studying? Can you deny the tempting evil in you who wants to copy assignments, but instead try to do them at home? If other students can do that, then why not all of us? It would be a great step forward, towards a better government in the future, and a better Philippines at large.

It may sound difficult at first, but from this step onward, we would surely see more excellent graduates in our working force, thus a more stable and competitive economy.

I know that we can do that, I know that you want to have a better mother land. “No man is an island”; everyone’s participation is very vital and greatly appreciated.

With that, let me end this post with a little tag that I want to shout out to the whole blog-oshpere.
If you find yourself tagged, please write about this in anyway on your blog, recommend some ways to prevent cheating and find other alternatives to get better grades. Anything related would be greatly appreciated, even your participation with this tag alone would make us feel happy that you have noticed how vital it is to get a move done against cheating.

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