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First Manila Batch of Audition for PBB Teen Edition happened last week. Provincial Auditions for Clash of 2010 is rumored to kick off soon.

While I feel the pain and dissappointment for all who have a.not made it to register for the first audition call in Manila b. not passed the audition, I have some good news for you after all relating to the upcoming Pinoy Big Brother Teen Edition Season 3 Clash of 2010.

It is rumored, that like always, Pinoy Big Brother is going to pick several key cities in various provinces for their PBB Teen Edition 3 Provincial Audition. Locations, dates and is still unclear though. If in case you have some updates about this, please comment here or send us an email at kevin(at)teens(dot)com(dot)ph so that we can post it on this blog for everybody else to know.

Possible Cities in Mindanao for PBB Teen Edition Audition

Davao City, Cagayan de Oro City, Iligan City, Zamboanga City

The Clash of 2010 hasn’t started yet, meaning we all have chances to make it to Pinoy Big Brother Teen Edition 3!