Summary for Pinoy Big Brother Teen Clash 2010 Day 1. Tricia Ivan Love Team Mismatch, Goadie, epic fail of Maichel and more.

This day had its ups and downs, its happy and sad moments, its highs and lows. But nevertheless, it was one heck of a day that until this very minute is exciting as ever. To sum everything up, I have prepared you with a little post about the happenings inside the Pinoy Big Brother Apartment and Villa!

There’s no doubt that something is sparking between Tricia Santos and Ivan Dorschner, we’ve been repeating that fact all over again from one post to another, on one blog and another. And even our 6,000+ and growing reader base on Facebook know about it. The audience have some mixed emotions about it though. Some believe that her flirtyness is tolerable, while others believe she’s crossed the line already.

But I bet you didn’t knew about it until you read this very post of ours.

Tricia Santos on takes a move on Ivan

Oh yes! While the she, Ivan, Romeo and a few other housemates spent some bonding time outside at a table, Tricia and Ivan in particular had a pretty good time bonding together among their fellow peers. The second youngest has taken on the oldest among them, asked for a hug, but got denied. She spread her arms wide open, but that was all that she got, nothing, but air. She can’t use her age as excuse anymore for her “innocent” actions. It kinda annoys me, personally. And I dislike it that the camera most of the focused on the two. Like the following screen caps support.

Maichel fails on first task in the first minute of his stay

Newcomer Maichel failed to even get his task properly started when he entered the Pinoy Big Brother Villa House earlier this evening. And man, did he mess up. Just moments earlier he was instructed not to talk, not, until his fellow housemates can guess his name, and the proper spelling of it. But then, the moment he moved into the house, he uttered a “Hi” and even answered the question of one of his peers which addressed his name. It was an epic fail, but one of the biggest highlights of this day, but still, nothing beats Tricia’s denied hug attempt on Ivan.

Earlier this day, at the Villa

People from the Villa had quiet a nasty but funny experience at the same time yesterday morning. There have been some who didn’t knew what Olive Oil is. No offense is meant, but if you could see their faces, they were so priceless that moment.

Mid Day Boredom

The late afternoon went on a bit boring. They just kept talking, talking and talking. But Tricia had the VIP seat during the conversation of her fellow Apartment housemates as she settled down right beside Ivan.

What are your thoughts/opinions/reactions about the PBB Clash so far?

Update: GOADIE! The Goat and Romeo went along well too, somewhere during the early afternoon. You can read about it here.

Everything has been fine for me, but Tricia really messed up a bit. Age doesn’t matter for love. But are you serious?! You want to apply that motto to this young teen? That’s pedophile.
I know, couples sometimes have age gaps of 10 or even more years, but they didn’t start at fourteen, did they? C’mon, please. TV has been brainwashing you a bit too much.

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