Read the Official Profile of PBB Teen Clash Housemate Devon Natividad Seron, dubbed as “Bubbly Promdi ng Cebu”. Find more PBB Clash Updates below the profile, too.

Devon May Natividad Seron, or simply Devon is a 16 year young Filipina from Cebu. She celebrates her birthday on the 20th May 1993, and may just be lucky enough to celebrate her birthday inside the PBB House. Devon is one of three Cebu based housemates of this years PBB Teen Edition known as Teen Clash 2010. She loves Spaghetti, and loves John Lloyd Cruz like, I believe most of you females do too. Her favorite actress pairs up pretty well with Cruz, as it is Bea Alonzo.

Official Profile Details of Devon Natividad Seron

Devon, the Bubbly Promdi is used to live a not-so-fine life. She came from a squatters area from Cebu. Her house can be toured in about three steps, which isn’t that big for a 6 people who live there.

Her Dad is a driver, while her mother sees some coins with leaflets. She is one of four children in their 6-headed family. With the difficult way of life that Devon is experiencing, there have been times that she didn’t eat anything on a single day, and if she got something to eat, it is often just tuyo which she pairs with rice.

Though despite the difficulties in her life, she’s still a very happy and jolly girl. She’s got a pretty boyish taste when it comes about her clothing. She often wears the clothes of her dad, which ends up that her dad is wearing female clothes.

She has experienced to not be able to take an exam (gosh, if I know, there are some who do not want to take exams, shame on you), because of the lack of money that they had for the tuition. On her graduation earlier this year, she almost didn’t made it to march, though she’s an honor student. Big Brother was kind enough though to help her out to march on graduation day.

A few more details from Devon’s profile…
Favorite Show: ASAP
Favorite Color: Blue
Hobbies: Badminton
Favorite Singer: Paramore, Avril Lavigne

Devon is one of the pretty Cebu-based ladies that I’m personally looking forward, but will her attitude match her beautiful face? We’ll find out!

Can Devon keep up with the other Cebu beauties? It’ll be hard for PBB fans from Cebu as there are three of them that they need to cheer on. The way she looks, she can get very far, but let’s see how her attitude inside the house goes. I have a strong feeling that her journey will be alright! 🙂

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