The Teen Housemates have spoken, the first Nomination Night of PBB Teen Clash has passed, and the nominees for eviction from the Pinoy Big Brother House are in.

Tricia Santos leads among all nominees. Aside from being the only girl nominated amongst this week’s nominees, she’s one of the first, if not the very first PBB Housemate to gather a perfect score of 14 points. 2 from each housemate, including 2 points from Ivan Dorschner who she has been desperately trying to stick with since the season started.

3 Teens Nominated per House

Each house had to have 3 nominees. Six housemates all in all who are going to spend the upcoming week like it’ll be their last, as it may just be the last for 2 of the 6 housemates in question. Who they are? Well, have a look at the list below:

House Villa

  • Eslove
  • Maichel (automatic nomination)
  • Angelo

House Apartment

  • Tricia
  • Romeo (Potz)
  • Patrick

It is hard to guess who among the housemates is going to leave the Apartment or the Villa next weekend but I doubt the result will be favorable for my personal satisfaction.

Tricia, highly probable to remain in the house despite perfect score.

We can’t deny that Tricia’s family is rich and I don’t know if it is safe to say that they want her to stay in the house still–it looks to be that way whether you like it or not. They may pull off this week easily, but if the Apartment continues to nominate her, still having her inside the house might be the focus of the negative limelight.

What makes me wonders too is the removal of the Vote to Evict or BBE option. It makes it more difficult for the audience to pick the housemate they want to leave the house ss there are a handful of other housemates that need to be helped to keep up with the Tricia Santos fans. There would be 2 housemates to leave next weekend; and aside from Maichel, another fellow Villa standby in danger looks to be Angelo. Unless the Anti Tricia Camp can boost the rankings of any of them for her to get one of the two unfortunate places.

Tricia + Ivan = Remains to be a mere ILLUSION of them TRI-VAN fans

We have written a more precise post about this topic. But don’t you think that the love team that people have come up with is a huge FAIL? Come on, he gave her 2 points without thinking twice.  That is a crisp slap on Tricia’s face and most especially, to the desperate TRI-VAN fans.

So this has been the latest happening straight from the Villa and Apartment with regards to the 1st Nomination Night of PBB Teen Clash 2010.

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