After discussing the recent activities of the teens and talking about the observations that we’ve made about each of the nominees group of fans. We’ve come to the conclusion, that Valerie will be the next one to be evicted. But of course, we don’t want her to be evicted.

We want none of them to be evicted, but since we have to pick one for eviction, the person we want most to leave the house among the 3 is Nicole. She did yet again a turn of f a couple of days ago within the past week, which even got featured on Philippine Television, that “Pooo Pooo” thingy, you know. But I must admit, she has quiet a lot of fans now, and having her as the “only survivor” of the NICOSEF tandem that ones existed inside the house, the fans can now concentrate more on voting for her, plus; Cebu won’t let her down that easy, will they?

As for Robi Domingo, there are no speculations against the odds, that we will surely be the PBBTEP Big Winner! Having him as the “only” deserving teen in the house right now really alerts all ROBILIEVERS, RORO and the general public to support him again, this week. “WAG MAGING KAMPANTE GUYS“, every single vote still counts.