Tonight was the Pinoy Big Brother Double Up 1st Nomination Night. Find out the nominated housemates and more PBB Double Up Updates.

Just about an hour ago, we were witness of one very historic event in Pinoy Big Brother History. The first ever PBB Double Up Nomination Night. A nomination that I’d personally want to forget, a event in the two big brother houses that spell the difference between the mask of some of the housemates in front of each other and what they really think and feel about their fellas.

I can’t think of any reason why Carol should have been nominated this week, but I do know why Jim is on the roaster for now. Whilst I do can figure how Jason and Princess end up on the roaster for the first nomination night of PBB Double Up.

Carol has been a nice girl all throughout, and I don’t think that she’s just playing the nice girl next door, one of the facts that others may see as a threat. Probably, she’s indeed not close with some of the housemates, and I can’t say anything about it though. I honestly dislike the idea of having a couple inside the big brother house, for very good reasons that make other people call it a bad move by Big Brother; something that I’d like to further have a look at in a later post.

The other house hosts two nominates as well, one male and one female nominee. Jason and Princess, respectively.

Some of the housemates are already showing their insecurities about other housemates, who they believe to have a much better life, or those who just are good at networking with their fellow housemates. While the rest are nominating because of their not-so closeness and other disliking events in the house.

Who of these four nominated housemates will survey on the upcoming First Eviction Night of PBB Double Up next week? What are your comments about the 1st Nomination Night of PBB Double Up this evening?