About a couple of days month ago, dated back the sixth of June, 2009. I was lucky enough to attend the Parents Orientation Meeting of the Ateneo de Davao University for incoming freshmen students. Even if I was supposed to be somewhere else at that time, I feel like it was a good decision to go with my mother to attend the affair which was meant for parents.

During the session our Office of Student Affairs (OSA) distributed papers that contained a very informative page, going by the title ABCs on how to encourage your children to live a drug-free life.

Ask for God’s wisdom and for sound judgment as you daily discharge your parenting responsibilities.
Build beautiful memories with them-beach days, heart to heart talks, night walks, camping trips, basketball shot outs.
Cultivate in them social graces, good manners and right conduct.
Discipline them firmly, but with love. It is a delight to have disciplined children around.
Extend your patience and tolerance at all times even if your blood pressure is 150/120.
Fill their love cup with overflowing warm hugs and words of appreciation and respect.
Guard what you say and how you say it. A careless word pierces the heart.
Hone their budding talents-be it in singing or in fixing (read: breaking) toy cars or TV sets:
Include Christ in every family activity or decision.
Job-related duties should never take priority over parenting responsibilities
Keep their feet on the ground by putting responsibilities on their shoulder.
Love them equally, love them equally, love them equally.
Meet all their needs but not necessarily their wants.
Never humiliate them anywhere, at all times.
Offer not only your presents but your presence.
Pray for and with them.
Quit the “nagging game”.
Respect their rights, ideas, and suggestions.
Support their plans, dreams, and aspirations.
Take time to listen to their frustrations, problems, joys or achievements.
Understand their need for space and privacy as the need arises.
Verify unconfirmed reports about your children out-of-bound behaviors. Never mete or out punishments without talking with them.
Welcome their friends to your house.
Xerox Christ in your life.
You are your children’s best example. Live what you preach.
Zero in on their good points but never on their failures..