Apple released OS X Mavericks yesterday. The good news about the new OS for Mac is that it’s available for free. One problem though, many OS X Mavericks installations are stuck in “less than a minute remaining”.

Do you have any problem trying to install OS X Mavericks? If not, well, lucky you! Your installation process for the new OS X went on smoothly. There are however, cases in which installing the new Mac operating system gets stuck in “less than a minute remaining”, my 13″ Macbook Air (2013) is no exception to that.

It’s currently sitting ducks and still showing “less than a minute remaining” for well over 30 minutes now. After looking for answers on the internet, I concluded that I’ll just let the laptop sit there and do its thing installing OS X Mavericks.

It is not recommended that you reboot your laptop while it is installing OS X Mavericks. A handful of people report though, that rebooting the laptop doesn’t create any problem — but if you want the OS X Mavericks installation to finish properly, just let it do its thing.

OS X Mavericks stuck in "less than a minute remaining"

OS X Mavericks stuck in “less than a minute remaining”

I’m using my 15″ Macbook Pro (2009) at the moment. And I suggest that you turn to your other gadgets and devices as well as your Mac is upgrading to Mavericks. Should the installation go well within the next 2-3 hours, I’ll install Mavericks on my old Macbook Pro too. If not, well, in the said time, I’ll go ahead and reboot my Macbook Air and see what will happen next.

Again, don’t fret too much about being stuck in “less than a minute remaining” because I can assure you, you’re not the only one experiencing problems installing OS X Mavericks.