Yesterday Tuesday Evening I had this little chit chat with Open Source Advocates, Developers, Programmers and Designers who call themselves as DabaweGNU, the same group of people that have invited me to speak at the Software Freedom Day 2008 and the same people that I have met during the Mini-WordCamp 2008 here in Davao City. I was surprised by the immediate invitation from them, especially Andrew and Sir Art, I felt tensed at first and wondered why they picked me to introduce the world of blogging to the people who are willing to join the workshop that is said to be scheduled in the next couple of weeks on Saturday’s for a whole day event of fun, blogging and seo.

There is so much that I have on mind right now, so many things that I would like to share but I just don’t know where to start with. I feel happy that people of authority like the two named above have reached out to a blogger like me to work things out together, it makes me feel glad and very honoured to be noticed by at least some people of the thousands who use Pinoy Teens as a resource and those who have followed my development on the internet since I first made my grounds on the web in the midst of the year 2007.

What I’m now looking forward to is to be able to finish a small list or what they call module that I can base my teachings and preachings about blogging, wordpress and seo upon, and then finalize everything that I have enlisted with the respective people involved. The Initial Idea of this project that I am collaborately working on with the people of DabaweGNU aims to inspire other people to start blogging and to have other bloggers or even internet idiots realize the importants of blogging to our community, how powerful it can be in terms of sharing information and for their own good; in terms of making money online. Surely, money through blogging isn’t always on top of all things, there are times when the low tides arrive no matter what you try to bring your blog up, that’s why it is important to know how to deal with the problems of adversity and strugle and seek a way out of the problem in order to pursue with their blogging to have it going.

Being a 18 year young Filipino Blogger, being a known blogger of his own kind during the midst of my seventeenth year on earth is a great asset and speaks for itself, how powerful blogging can be if used wisely and if being exercised as your passion and hobby – the way I do. Have you ever seen anyone of my age cashing out 31,000 pesos and more just because of online advertisement? There are some, but I bet not many people who do so. But I hope that with the few teachings that I’ll be sharing, people who’ll be listening to me won’t only pursue blogging in order to attain money from the clicks that their visitors make, but also concentrate and dedicate themselves in providing good content to them to create a consistent and strong readership basis.

During our talk that night we also tackled events that are coming up like the Software Freedom Day 2009 which is probably going to be hosted at the UIC of Davao, the Idea Camp and a event that they are trying to insert before the Digital Filipino Club 2009. My friends have been asking me if I’d be attending the event of my Adsense Mentor himself during his WordPress seminar, but I humbly decline to get my ass behind my very own project and my own way of doing the blogging business. I’ll be informing you about more updates on the workshop as soon as possible with concrete venue and date when I have the time to do so. But for now, let me leave you with these words 🙂