Many people have sensitive skin, but there are some natural home remedies that may help. Almost any ingredient you can think of, someone will have an allergic reaction to it, but some ingredients are less prone to allergies than others. Here are some examples five natural ingredients that may help people with allergic skin types.

1. Witch Hazel

Many people overlook the powers of witch hazel as a natural toner. Put witch hazel on a cotton ball and wipe the oils off the face. This natural product balances the skin by encouraging only enough natural oil to be secreted.

2. Organic Apple Cider Vinegar

Toners are important to apply after cleansing. Organic apple cider vinegar is one of the best toners for balancing the pH on the face, but the smell can be unappealing. Many people also report stinging of the eyes. Though it may be unpleasant, organic apple cider vinegar is effective for the skin and other health ailments also.

3. Olive Oil and Castor Oil

For dry skin, try a mixture of castor oil and olive oil. Olive oil has numerous antioxidants than can be beneficial for the skin. Some people recommend combining three parts castor oil and one part olive oil. The mixture can be massaged in a circular motion directly into the skin.

Then, place a hot wash cloth over the face for five minutes and the toxins and dirt will be extracted from the pores with the oil. The castor oil serves to draw the toxins from the skin, and the olive oil acts as a moisturizer. Then, wipe the oil off the skin with a warm washcloth.


4. Milk of Magnesia

Milk of magnesia is recommended for blemishes and problem areas. Many people apply the substance to the problem area and the blemish dries overnight. Some beauty products use milk of magnesia to correct problems on the skin. It can also be used alone if it is purchased at the store. If you are on a budget, milk of magnesia is great for spot treatment.

5. Warm Water

There is nothing more natural than water. Water-based products with filtered water are often better for the skin. Experts also suggest ingesting a warm glass of water in the morning before eating food to clear the body of toxins. This is supposed to prepare the digestive system. If warm water is not appealing, try green juice instead. The green juice should not have any sugar and should be chemical free.

Try These Five Natural Ingredients to Calm Allergy-Laden Skin

These five products are natural and recommended to calm the skin. Whether you suffer from food allergy that induces skin irritation or if you suffer from rosacea, it is recommended that the beauty products you use contain natural ingredients. Though the products seem basic, they are actually quite effective. Check the ingredients of your products to ensure that the products will be effective on your allergy-laden skin. You can also combine these ingredients with fruits full of antioxidants to improve your skin.

Written by Sonya Kelsy