The duo of Juris and Chin that is popularly known as MYMP has been quiet for the mean time with no recent releases that have really captivated the crowd the way their golden singles like Tell Me Where It Hurts, No Ordinary Love and a lot more have done. But this silence won’t beheld too long! The popular MYMP (make your momma proud) is back on track with a contract signed under Star Records and are about to release a new album in the upcoming month, which will also fall under the production of Star Records.

The title and the content of the album is still not mentioned but it’s said to be a more on a solo-flight directed album for Juris while Chin will still do his part in the album just without his guitar to emphasize the role of Juris for this said “solo” production. (does this still sound like MYMP then?)

Aside from the new album that is currently under production, MYMP has also secured themselves a slot during the Sunday Musical Show of ABS CBN, ASAP 09 taking part in the Sessionista’s segment joining Sitti, Nina, Richard Poon and the other big names. For those who cannot wait no longer to watch Juris and Chin perform together, you can catch the duo at the Araneta Coliseum this Sunday Februrary 25, 2009 for the repeat concert with the Side A. Let’s look ahead to more of the newly signed Star Records band, MYMP!