Mikey Arroyo involved in a suspicious pic spreading on Facebook bashes bloggers and wants Facebook regulated. Why these angered words, Mikey? Pikon? I don’t think bloggers did nothing, do you?

In a not so distant past, we (bloggers and fellow Filipino Netizens) faced the scare of needing a license to post content online, can you remember that? But it looks like, there’s something more specific going on and it seems that Facebook is the target of a politician.

Mikey Arroyo, who was said to be seen at a market buying hard liquor refutes the controversial picture that started roaming around on Facebook. I’m not claiming it’s true, and I also stand against it, but the thought of this gentlemen looks to be a little odd.

It sounds a bit defensive and angers some people, especially those who love Facebook to live with a certain degree of doubt about what could happen to the Facebook community of the Philippines, once he gets to hands about what he said “regulating” it. I don’t see any starting point for the regulation, and what I can think of right now, is that we’ll be ending up just like China. Where dozens of sites are inaccessible from the mainland which is also called the (online) great wall of China. And if that happens, I don’t know. I just don’t know.

This is not the first time that suspicious pictures are roaming around on the internet about celebrities, politicians and just merely popular people. Nagkataon lang naman that another politician was hit by the people who’ve got nothing better to do during this time of crises, as he calls them. There must be something about the picture, it may not behold truth, but there must be something about it. (I haven’t seen it)

The Tribune added a few words coming from Mikey Arroyo saying: “the bloggers should also busy themselves helping their countrymen who are still reeling from the effects of the worst natural calamity the country had experienced in decades.”

Uhh. I don’t know whether he realized it or not, but aside all the suspicious posts that went out in the past days. I don’t think the bloggers made the situation more worse, but helped spreading information to everyone looking for them. Imagine the net without no one talking about this tragedy, para naman tayong mga patay nito.

But yeah, regulating Facebook will be a kick in the ass for many, but I don’t see it happening anytime soon if not, being blocked by our already very crappy ISPs. How do you think would he like to regulate it, huh? Do you know anything about the Mikey Arroyo buying hard liquor picture? Please, further enlighten me in the comments section.

ps: The words he uttered really sound like he is pikon. Strike one for freedom of speech. (src for this footnote: +)