Father Jejemon is an Official Entry to the Metro Manila Film Festival. A movie suited for the whole family to laugh and cry about.

My parents accompanied me last December 25, 2010 in the cinema. Aside from the fact that it’s been the first time that we’ve been to the cinema together – and that it’s been the first time ever for my dad – it is also noted to be the first time that I’ve watched a Filipino movie this year, a year which is about to close in a couple of days.

The movie that we watched was Father Jejemon, starring Dolphy, Maja Salvador and Moy Moy Palaboy just to name a few. Yes, some of you may be laughing already at the thought that a moviegoer like me ended up with Jejemon instead of something else, like Tron or so (which I’ve already watched). To be honest, the movie in question wasn’t my first choice. I wanted to see RPG in 3D, but according to the Cinema Personnel the 3D Version will be out by next week yet. Being such avid fans of the King Comedy like my Mom and Dad are, there was no other option left but to go with Dolphy; she convinced me by saying that this might be his last movie ever.

We arrived at the cinema about 20 minutes late, I knew that the attendance for this one is going to be low since most of the people opted to watch Ang Tanging Ina Mo. But I did not expected to see such an empty house(!) with just a single old woman comfortably seated in the midst of the cinema.

It saddened me a bit and helped set the tone of the whole spectacle which we were about to witness on the widescreen. I mean, he’s the Philippine Comedy King but he had good to no audience that time!

I don’t want to spoil anyone here, but I just had to blog this to let you know that this is one of the best Filipino Movies that I have ever seen. Yes, we all well know by now that it did had some issues with the MTCRB for a few cuts, but still, it’s an epic if you’d watch it together with your family and friends.

The story was situated in a small town which name may sound very familiar to you if spoken, Parm Bill. (Farm Ville, a very popular app on Facebook.com). Father Baby requested to have some company in handling the Church in the town, and that was when Father Jejemon came in. He wasn’t very welcomed at first though. But the townspeople slowly but surely started to like him and get attached to him. The only thing that has separated them throughout the movie was money.

You can’t immediately say that the story revolved about Christmas, but you will notice that the director has been very lenient about it, making the audience feel like it’s sort of religious. Just perfect for this time of the year.

It is again one of those tales where good won over bad, wherein the devil was all over this one until the end to offer a comic relief.

I don’t know, it may sound a bit shallow, but when they sang Let There Be Peace at the end of the movie, it just deeply touched me.

One thing that I hate about this one though, is that there was this one song, in which they tackled Lady Gaga to be the new Maria Clara style of the Filipino. Oh please, I’d rather have Charice (whom I also don’t really favor), but not Lady Gaga!

I guess I’ll leave you with this post for now. Please watch the movie at the cinema neares to you. It’s really great and provides a well balanced plot between drama, love and comedy. On a side note, I think the name Father Jejemon made a crucial impact for a lot of people not to watch it. Yes, the term used to be a phenomenon midway 2010, but not anymore. And I’m certain a lot of people hate Jejemons! JEJEJE 🙂 Good luck for this one in the Metro Manila Film Festival!