Boxing lifts off to the next level, the first boxing scenario that has captivated the whole Philippines and shaken boxing history was the demolition of Ricky Hatton under the hands of Manny Pacquiao who was buttered and laid after just two rounds of loopsided entertainment. The question is, are we going to experience a so-called Deija Vu and witnessed the beating of one of the two boxers who will enter the ring at the MGM this July 18th? Or will the fight go to distance and to the cards? It’s hard to call for now, especially for boxing fanatics from the Philippines who are in no direct relation to the Marquez Mayweather Fight.

Either Mayweather or Marquez to face Pacquiao

But somehow, there is a indirect connection between the Filipinos and the upcoming battle of the two, wherein Mayweather has returned after a year of retirement in 2008. Marquez said some time ago that Floyd Mayweather is still the best and that there is no doubt that the Junior of the two Mayweather’s remains top class and is the toughest opponent that he may face, even if he has retired and has just returned for this bout.

But still, Pacquiao is the best for us!

If Mayweather is really stronger than Manny Pacquiao and if he will fall against Marquez it only means that we might see another fight for Manny Pacquiao with Marquez by the end of the year or in early 2010, or a probably demolition of Mayweather if he will draw the upperhand at the much awaited July contest. I personally don’t doubt the strength of Mayweather and his capabilities in the ring, but based on what we all have seen during the Manny Pacquiao and Ricky Hattoin Fight we live broadcasted via SopCast, I doubt that there is any of these two that stand a chance against the true pound for pound’s best and Philippine People Champ the Pacman.

Live Stream for July 18, 2009 available!

While the fight is still distant and much talking still gotta be going on, let us remind you that we will have a free live streaming of the Mayweather Marquez fight on July 18. So, please subscribe with Pinoy Teens and stay updated, and just as the usual new comers to the blog might think, “this isn’t working, hop over here, and think again.”

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