Luis Manzano breaks the silence as he was approached by certain media people in regards about the rumored breakup issue with the sexy actress Angel Locsin about a week back. When asked if there is truth behind the break-up, Luis swiftly admitted that both he and Locsin are going through a time of adversity and misunderstanding but reassures that there is no third party involved in this conflict between these two.

Angel Locsin and Luiz Manzano Misunderstanding

He did not disclose the details about the misunderstanding he and his girlfriend Angel Locsin are having. Her Mother Vilma Santos at the other end added a few details that the said conflict between her son Luiz Manzano and Angel is not in regards with time (lack of time for each other) noting that it is despicable to talk about the two quarreling just because of such a small issue, since both highly respect each others schedule.

The couple which is said to have broken up already in about a weeks time was on the rear end of falling apart earlier this year with Angel Locsin shockingly changing her Facebook Status to single.

Media would love to have the actress provide some input about the conflict she has with her boyfriend Luis, but it is impossible to reach out to her as she’s in South Korea for the recording of a TV Commercial.

Manzano though, sincerely hopes that they can make it through this trial and that they can eventually fix and settle the issue that is bothering both involve celebrities. The Manager of Angel Locsin discloses that she knows nothing about a possible break-up, but is indeed knowledgeable about a misunderstanding going on between the two.

What do you think guys? Is it for real that Luis Manzano and Angel Locsin have a misunderstanding or that they are split for good?