Kuwaitis have one leg in the next round of the World Cup Qualifiers, thanks to a clean sheet and 3-0 victory on home grounds against the Philippine Azkals

No matter how strong your belief for the Philippine National Team in Soccer is… there will come these days when things are just going to be out of hand. The Philippine Azkals lost 3-0 (1:0) in Kuwait.

The Kuwaitis managed to control the game for the most part. Least can be said is, that the Kuwaitis managed to do what’s been expected from them, make some goals and visit the Philippines with a clean sheet at hand.

Nasser (16), Nada (67) minute, and Al-Ibrahim (84) were the ones who scored to give Kuwait a 3-0 advantage going into the 2nd leg to be played this 28th of July in the Philippines. It will be a very difficult task for the Azkals. They need to at least win by four and end the game with a clean sheet, otherwise, things could get very complicated for our very own National Soccer team.

Bitter Filipinos on Twitter

I’ve run through some Tweets on Twitter from Azkals fans that are just horrendous to read. Some wishing the Kuwaitis death through accidents, whilst others label them huge cheats and flops.

I feel very disappointed by the behavior of these fans. It really sucks the life out of the sport having people like these around who find it hard to accept that the Philippine Azkals have lost to the better team tonight. At least the scoreline of 3 to 0 makes the gap in class between these two sides very clear for all to see.

One Last Battle Cry on July 28

Like I’ve mentioned above. It’s going to be Mission Impossible for the Philippine Azkals. They need to win 4-0 to avoid any complication and move on to the next round of the qualifying. Even a 0-1 start into the second leg may put things away for the Philippine Azkals and make mission impossible a more difficult task for them.

My tip for the second leg: 3-2 for the Philippine Azkals. Which is sadly, not enough to see them through to the next round.