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Good a week has passed since the last update that I have left on this blog, for exception to the daily quote that I have posted last night. It has been a terrible week so far but amidst of all the bad happenings recently I still end up this week with a real smile painted on my faces and memories carved into my heart that I will forever cherish.

I wonder if my other teenagers would agree with me that the Juniors Seniors Promenade (JS Prom) is certainly the most anticipated and most memorable high school event, but I bet that there are a few who would support my statement. Indeed, we have the Retreat for the Senior High School Students which aids us to go deeper in relation with our classmates in friends in keen spiritual, social and personal aspect, but nothing beats the JS Promenade, especially this last promenade of mine as a fourth year high school student at my academe.

Kevin Paquet in JS Prom outfitWhenever you would come to ask me whether the promenade does makes some sense or is a event that I am looking forward to, you may be able to at least get a boring smile back at your question or a certain no as the answer. But I need to correct myself after last Friday, February 20, 2009 night affair. At first, it indeed looked like to be the most boring Promenade ever that I have experienced these past couple of years, but since the Prophecy of the Juniors for the Seniors onward, emotions suddenly changed.

I know, there ain’t be much of my face to see on the slideshow pictures that flashed on the screen while Trisha Villa-Abrille and Co predicted our future that might lie ahead of us, but it was the great impact, the realization the idealism that these slides have given me. “Uyy, the year is about to end, and before I know it’s ending, there’s been much that I have shared with these mates in terms of fights, conflicts, smiles and happy moments.” It touched me much, in a sense that I couldn’t help myself but listen carefully to what the people in front had to say and to take a look at my fellow batch mates, specifically classmates who paid much attention as well.

According to the prophecy of the third year Canary Class for the fourth year Yakal Class[1. My Class.], I might end up as a famous online web designer, developer, programmer and entrepreneur, it looks like a tough challenge ahead of me, with infinite options to choose from about which way to go.

But guess what, that wasn’t yet half way through of the program, but just the start of a night of endless happiness.[2. Okay, it had a catch.] If I would compare this years promenade to the one that I was part of last year, it was a thousand times more fruitful and productive![3. I was such a loner before.] I was able to talk to the people around me, with my partner, with my crush, and with other friends who have been tables away from me.[4. Ops, huli ako! hehe.] It was just the night that I don’t want to fade away without anything productive and even if I had no sleep since 2 in the morning of that very day, I was wide awake to witness all the happenings with no dizzy nor sleepy feeling.

After the class prophecy was hosted for the first two sections[5. Not the honors class, but the first two mentioned.], the dinner was served for all of us, and it just came in handy since I was able to nail down a couple of spoons of rice and a viand before arriving at the venue.[6. Our Venue was the Grand Men Seng Hotel, for the I don’t know how many times already.] During our dinner session, a couple of students performed a few lovely songs to give in some contribution to the affair, four of five expected classmates of mine performed their respective pieces of melodious tones, spear headed by Jeremiah Salmon[7. Two Lonely People, It was NOT that bad] and followed by Johnny Barlis[8. Sorry, I forgot your song.], Imee Valdellon[9. Walay naminaw, atik lang.] and last but not the least, Raphael Delgado, while like I have said, one of them was unable to perform.[10. And that was Raymond Torre who was absent. ]

There was a slight thought on my mind to do my own number, but hey, my nice song[11. Would You Love Me Still?.] had no minus one or any proper melody at all, and, don’t forget my ugly voice. The program proceeded then with the monotonous turning over of the key of responsibility and all the other talks that you might definitely find monotonous and a bit off the mark from what you could expect, but then, the second half, and most awaited part of the program kicked off, it was dancing time.[12. Ang bitin, SOBRA!.]

It didn’t started well for me, as I was left on the dry by my partner who danced along with her boy friend, but I found a way through to get over to my friends and talk with them what the aftermath party would be about once it’s time to go home. But apparently, everyone was pretty busy looking for a partner to dance with for the last time[13. Especially the seniors.], so did I made myself busy looking for someone and ended up being set up by Gagandeep Singh with a short dance with my crush in school[14. Annelu Diwa Anung.] Kevin Paquet and Annelu Diwa Anung

While I was working on my own to get to the front of the place where the occasion was held, I bumped unto several classmates, batch mates and friends of mine who wanted a little picture present to be taken by me. And eventually when I reached the stage and over looked the whole scenario, seeing all the fellow student body have a good time; I felt like dancing too, but the last question that presented itself as a hindrance to pursue the feet of mine that were starting moving along with the crowd was, with whom I should dance with at this Juniors Seniors Promenade 2009 to get things started with?

Gagandeep had something on his mind already and asked Annelu to sway around with me for a short wile. The people who knew us where teasing us[15. Especially me]. While we held our hands together. The song didn’t quiet play along and it was just after the moments that I shared with her, holding her hands, that the song was a nice emotional one. And again I was left with empty hands. She wasn’t the only girl that I was able to dance with though, I managed to dance with the sister of my classmate[16. Of which sister was my former crush.], my older crush, and a few other friends of mine, but was unable to get a sway with three girls that I was looking forward to dance with[17. Trisha, Nova, Paola.], oh, and make that four[18. Kezia.]

I will never forget the moment that I was holding her hands with my both hands, it was a unorthodox way of dancing, but a fun way to get close to someone you like[19. Like lang yan hah, hindi yan love.], and use to adore for some time already. But it wasn’t really the only thing that has made me smile, but seeing my friends, and, classmates contented that evening, just as most of them had worn smiles on their faces, might they be of momentary existence or smiles that will last throughout, what matters was the feeling each and everyone had on that evening.

JS Promenade BerksBut let’s not forget the true essence of the promenade[20. This might sound like the boring part.], the reason why he had that festive, casual, and annual event among the fourth year and third year students, the significance in regards of responsibility passed on from the seniors to the lower year. I might not have felt that pressured nor that special about the privilege, that we as their Ate’s and Kuya’s had over the year, but it indeed showed off that night as we have seen the Juniors grown a mature and moving on a step further in their lives.

Might the venue not be the most suited for a couple of factors, I can consider myself and the PWC Student Body as lucky, for even being able to celebrate this occasion in attendance with our faculty and staff; truly, not all schools exercise such formal gathering. For the third year who are reading this and still are not persuaded that the promenade is something very special; you’ll find out about it, when you’re there, in about a year from now.

Anyways, for those who have read this and had their JS Prom behind already, how was your experience? And, for those who are still awaiting their first promenade, what are you looking forward to?