The first single from Sarah Geronimo’s latest Album is track number 1, I’ll Be There. A duet with BSB Member Howie Dorough. A duet which looks to be a promising hit just like predecessor IKAW managed to top last year.

Sarah Geronimo’s duet with fellow Local Singers can be counted by your own hands, but don’t count this to one of those simple duets she used to have with Erik Santos, Mark Bautista or any other Filipino Chart Topper. We’re speaking here about a Internationally Competitive Duet of Sarah Geronimo, the Philippine Pop Princess, and Back Street Boys Sensation Howie Dorough..

The song is slowly climbing its way up the Myx and Radio Charts in the Philippines and hitting some key notes in foreign states if I heard it right. Anyway, I want to share to you the lyrics of this beautiful song, just as they are written on the album Just Me that I recently purchased.

I’ll Be There – Sarah Geronimo (with Howie Dorough)
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I’ll be there for you4x
When the night falls on the world, and you’re sad because I’m far away
Just remember, you’re my girl, baby, think of how you feel today..
All I know is our love, will go on.. You can dream me there, with you all night long
When you need my heaven, simply close your eyes and keep your heart strong..

I’ll be there for you, ’til the earth stops turning
Playing in your heart, like love songs do..
I’ll be there for you, like a candle burning
Just believe it’s true, I’ll be there for you..

We got awful close, oh so fast, it’s hard to say our goodbyes
Now I’ve found you girl, at last, I can’t forget you if I try..
Ohh, when I’m awake or sleeping you’ll be mine,
You’re the love I keep, you fill up my mind..
I will count the hours, ’til you’re hear with me
For all time..

-repeat Chorus-

When you’re troubled I’ll be there, when you’re sad, I will be there
When you’re laughing I’ll be there, just think of me and I’ll be there
I’ll be there ’cause you’re my star, I’ll be anywhere you are
When you’re hurt I’ll feel it too, and if you leave, I go with you..
I’ll be there for you, baby count on me, I’ll be there for you, there for you..

-repeat Chorus-

Watch the video, click here