Mobile Phones nowadays compete to become smaller, thinner and lighter. Performance wise, many of these flagship devices don’t really vary a lot – especially considering that most, if not all, popular flagship mobile devices run the Android operating system. The Chinese handset manufacturer opted to boost their newest flagship in one category that is truly dear to most smartphone owners nowadays – the camera.

Partnering with the German brand Leica,Huawei has stepped up the ante by blessing their Huawei P9 flagship phone with a dual lens camera that provides clear, crisp and high quality shots.

While we do not have had a long time to tinker around with a Huawei P9 phone yet, one thing is for sure, it has one of the best cameras on a mobile phone. Its shots can even be easily mistaken as being taken by a professional camera already!

I had a chance to roam around Davao City’s People’s Park and take a few shots with it and here are my two favorite ones. I probably should not have blurred the images too much, but that’s my fault. However, the quality and vividness of these images are stunning.

(Facebook doesn’t really give the image much credit though, hopefully we may get to take a unit for a spin to provide actual footage and images)

What we liked from our quick usage of the device:
– Excellent image quality – that dual lens really provides high quality images and almost instant autofocus. It’s truly a great camera to capture all kinds of moments as fast as possible
– Battery Life is excellent, even though we constantly have the camera on, the battery life was quite good.
– The finger print sensor at the back is really snappy. Whichever way I put my finger on it, it was able to recognize my finger at all times and instantly.
– A beautiful screen – the IPS display is an absolute beauty and provides quality viewing at any usual angle you’d use the phone with.

what we’re curious about:
– LTE Connectivity
– Real World Battery Use
– Performance in Games and other Benchmarks

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