With the tremendous growth in popularity of social media networking and pressure to create an accurate online presence for yourself, taking high quality photographs of yourself with nothing more than your smart phone camera and the length of your arm has become a necessary life skill. Whereas years ago, taking photographs happened mostly to commemoriate parties and other experiences shared with friends, the ‘selfie’ ranks very high on the list of things required to stay current and relevant on various networking sites like Facebook, Twitter and GoodReads . Listed below are six tips for taking good selfies:

Eye Contact with the Viewer

Teen posing for a Portrait Shot

Teen posing for a Portrait Shot

Lose the sunglasses because they prevent the camera from capturing the essence of who you are. Selfies of people in sunglasses are better advertising for the shades company than adequately expressive photos of the person. If the sun is shining too brightly to remove your shades, get to a place where it is not. Strong eye contact attracts viewers to you. Eye contact demonstrates a desire to connect and engage.

Avoid Public Restrooms

Public loos are nasty places with unflattering fluorescent lighting. They have no place in a good self portrait. Be discriminating and tasteful in choosing the backgrounds for your photos.

Take Selfies in Places You Love

Capture yourself having the time of your life. This action alone puts your best foot forward. Whether you snap a shot at your favorite cafe, at the beach, on a glorious summer hike or at home with your favorite animal companion, the atmosphere you surround yourself with speaks loads about you.

Avoid Vanity Angles

Vanity is detected immediately in the way you angle the camera for your selfie. Ladies: While breast cleavage and big, doe eyes seem like beautiful things to emphasize, a shot that is all bust and lash distorts your true form. Viewers are looking for authenticity before distortion. Gentlemen: While viewers can appreciate your carefully honed washboard abs, a six-pack does not adequately replace a face. Connect with your smile before your stomach.

Use the Camera Timer

Some digital cameras are fully equipped with a timer that offers greater flexibility and options when posing for a photo you ar taking of yourself, by yourself. Begin by finding a surface to prop your phone up on that nicely frames a given space. Set the timer and position yourself in the space that the camera will capture.


This may seem obvious, but it is very important. A smile is genuine; it is authentic. It reflects your joy and desire to connect. A beautiful or handsome smile, contrary popular belief, is far more attractive than a frown, a smirk or a pout. When posing for a self portrait, know that your courage, integrity, sensuality and honor shine far brighter than feigned toughness or forced sexiness. If you are having trouble finding something to smile about in your picture, feel gratitude.