The infamous Hostage Taking Drama in Manila, Philippines took place last August 23, 2010. The victims were a number of Hong Kong Citizen tourists.

Three days have past since the very unfortunate Hostage Taking Drama that happened last August 23, 2010 in the Capital of the Philippines. But was it so dramatic after all? Two of the top Pinoy Teens Online Contributors unleash their thoughts and opinions about the said issue that took place in Metro Manila last Monday.

Mediocre Philippine Police take on the bus of the Hostage Taking Drama

Mediocre Philippine Police take on the bus of the Hostage Taking Drama

First and foremost, I would like to address the S.W.A.T or “S”orry “W”ala “A”kong “T”raining Team for doing everything wrong, and I mean everything. Next, I’d like to congratulate the P.N.P or Philippine National Police for a nice job. I think you guys know what I’m referring to.

From what we know, and from our point of view, we’re certain that this was one of the worst, if not “the” worst operation that I’ve noted from a SWAT Team, and I’m sure that I’m not the only one who thinks that way. Think about it, the SWAT Team noted to have had practiced before the real life situation came up. They did almost nothing good, well, they did something, but it has taken them a lot of time.

Why did the Hostage Taking took place?

The Hostage Taker belonged to one of the Top 10 PNP all over the archipelago. With such high reputation and recognition, you’ll of course, gain a lot of enemies, aside from friends. And that’s exactly what may have happened at the end of his Policeman Career. A turn of events, really. From being one of the most reliable, reputable personalities of the Philippine National Police to the enemy of the very association itself. Being tagged by various claims that he was involved in drug deals and the likes back then in 2008.

It is questionable though, why he acted just recently on this issue which is about 2 years old already. But nevertheless, we really blame him for whatever action he has taken. He had his point, and I think if the SWAT, the PNP and the government didn’t mess up immensely that 23rd of August, 2010, we could have spared the lives of all Hong Kong Citizens on that tourist bus. But guess how it ended up?

Unforgivable Mistakes

  • I just can’t figure out why. Why did the team on the spot acted like that? Acted with mediocrity, as if they did not take the situation seriously? (Like stupid Noynoy didn’t looked serious in answering the questions raised the other day) The actions they took were very impractical and unprofessional. Suiting the tag that the SWAT has received that I noted above, Sorry Wala Akong Training.
  • In other countries, the Police would have used the family or in this case his brother in particular to negotiate terms with the hostage taker, but not here in the Philippines. Because if you, the hostage taker has a family member around the scene, they’ll show you how cruel they are and want to anger you even more to have a reason to kill you at the end of the day. But it looks like the hostage taker was not the only person that got nailed by past 10 in the evening last Monday.

Teer Gas? You’ve got to be kidding me. Those passengers had no masks on! And the PNP wildly shot inside the bus! Who knows, maybe it wasn’t Mendoza who has killed them, but stray bullets from the PNP.

  • I couldn’t see the Police on top of the scene. For all I noted was, that they really badly wanted to have the chance to kill Mendoza. For what? Maybe for hiding something from us all. Because after all, the whole Hostage Taking Drama was a lesson for all Policemen across the globe to exactly do not what they have done, ever again.

I hope that our Policemen will act better when something like this happens again. Or better yet, I hope that such hostage taking drama will not happen again at all.

In behalf of my fellow countrymen, I would like to apologize to the Hong Kong Citizens for how much our police, the government and our dear president have sucked. We’re all people after all, but we can’t deny that a number of those on top of the situation ain’t act as “real” people. I mean, you know what I mean, don’t you?

I know how much it has hurt the Hong Kong citizens, and the families of the victims. But I believe we can do better than getting mad at each other. I just hope that our present administration will realize that they have not handled the situation the best possible way and that they give in for an apology.