I suppose that all high school graduates know what a retreat is all about, and know the importance of it. But how about those who were unfortunate to attend their retreats, those who were not able to go to school at all, or those who are still in the lower years. Let me tell you of the objective of this post, to share to you my personal experience of attending a retreat.

Yes, I’m a fourth year high school student, like a lot of my readers, including Aika is. I have to say that I am so lucky, that I had the opportunity to share my other side to my classmates.

At first, I have to admit that I totally, yes, totally dislike the Retreat Master, even though I knew him from our latter year’s recollection and found him pleasing that time, there was something different with him this time around, as if he would like to be remembered in some way, and that is the negative way?

It’s a shameful fact, but I forgot his name as I am pretty much preoccupied with other nuisance stuff this very moment. Anyways, we arrived at the retreat venue at around five in the afternoon, we took our school bus that time, and I was pretty much tensed, I feared of a repetition to what happened to our school bus during our latter field trip a week or two ago.

Upon arrival, we received the casual sermon that our special section always gets from teachers, faculty, administration and staff, and were finally introduced to the retreat master. I was right when I thought about having met that person before. A short orientation about the place was given to us. And the retreat master also wanted to make it clear to everyone that this retreat isn’t about crying, nor is the retreat about our classmates and friends, but it’s about us, us and God.

After all the instructions given, we had a little snack together with our classmates, our friends and barkada in class, of which afterward, we proceeded with a few sessions. On the first night alone, there have been some people who shed their tears, when we tackled the negative side of ours, shared a few problems that we kept hidden and so on and so forth.

But one thing that has really caught my attention and is stuck in my memory was when we received our very own small Private Journal, were we have been tasked often times during sessions to write things down, emotions, reflections and their likes. We had to cover our journals upon receiving them with a originally drawn logo. Any symbol that would suit best to us, any symbol that would describe as the best in a positive or also negative way.

And like I would always do, I decided to draw a blank piece of paper and a pencil, with a few colors added to it. Which best explains me through the following words I wrote on my Diary.

My laziness is starting to take over me again and I will just continue with a second part and more substantial post. The important thing is that you now know what happened the past couple of days during my absence.