The article dates back some time, around the mid 2008. But it looks like just now, after a few fellow Kababayan have re-discovered the article; that hundreds of thousands of Filipinos are reacting and taking action against the so-said Filipino Hater, for me, the biggest ass of all time.

I have nothing against people criticizing the Filipino Culture and the Philippines as a country at whole. But everything can be exaggerated and taken over the line. And so did the little (not) noteworthy article of a guy by the name Nathan Rocha of FaceDeluxe.Com cross over the line.

It is not surprising to note that the whole Filipino Community from the position I view it to be very upset. Many have sent in hate mail and expressed their incomparable anger towards the writer of that (shit) piece. Like he can’t understand our culture and the way of life of us here in the Philippines. I also can’t understand his culture. I won’t hit his country or his nation, because that ain’t right and would make me not a better person than he is. But instead, I’m coming to question the author himself if he is actually really a human.

I mean, how could such a freak come up with such a post. Has he ever been to the Philippines? I guess not. Maybe he’s furious that his little video store (where Filipinos rent movies) don’t return the movies on time. Nalulugi na ‘yata s’ya dun. Poor little business going down because of that?

I’d like to rant all day because of this, but at the end of the day he is not worth it, and I’m sure he’s enjoying it (getting all the attention, you know). Since it looks like he isn’t getting attention at home or in his community.

There are indeed those kind of people who know not better but express their hatred through words, trying to act as if they’re someone great but in fact are nothing better, yet even somewhat worse than the people he talks about.

You must be wondering about whom I’m talking about and what article he has brought up that has caused many violent reactions among Filipinos on Plurk, Facebook and their respective blogs. I guess, it’s your time to read the post and be infuriated by the senseless, insensitive and inaccurate review of the Filipino and the Philippines.