image by Jeff Belmonte via Flickr

When my mom said ‘You’re on your own’ when enrolling period began, she wasn’t kidding: she didn’t really lift a finger to help me out in any way. To cut the long story short, all summer long I had to remind myself of all the important dates, all the procedures, negotiations and transactions needed to finally move on from High School and into College.

One of the many things I needed to do was to pay my tuition. I’ve gone over several options (including e-banking, phone banking and even withdrawing every bit of money I had in my bank account to pay it all in cash) but everyone else in the family suggested I pay using a ‘Manager’s Check’. Simply put, a Manager’s Check is a Check issued by the bank. It’s either they get the money from your Debit Account or you pay it in full right then and there. And in addition, it’s as good as cash.

I chose the former and went to the bank early. Excited? Not so much. I just needed more time with my computer back at home. After going through the long and tiring process, here’s what I can teach you guys when you’re going to the bank (alone) to get a Manager’s Check:

1. Bring your statement of account/tuition assessment with you

Unless you want to memorize how much you’re going to pay, down to the centavo, I suggest you bring it with you. It’ll be easy to check later on.

2. Know your account number

When you chose the option ‘Debit from account’ (just like me), you’d have to know your Account Number because you’ll have to write it down. Bringing your Debit Card or Passbook with you can help you with this.

3. Bring your Passbook… if you have

When I got my savings account in BDO, my mom got me a Passbook so I could ‘monitor’ where my money went – yes, you can write on it, so don’t be afraid. During the transaction, the bank teller relied heavily on my Passbook: she had it from start to finish. So if you have one and that’s where you’re getting your money, bring it.

4. Remember how to write numbers – in WORDS

This. Oh my, I TOTALLY forgot how to do this, so I ended up sitting and staring at the form I was supposed to fill out for a long, long time. Remember how to do this before-hand to save yourself from the embarrassment and, of course, time.

5. Double check everything – twice (or even thrice)

It won’t hurt if you check things again and again until you’re completely satisfied. Remember, you’re dealing with money – you can’t be too sure. Check the number, the person (or institution) you’re going to give the Check to, the amount – absolutely everything! Do this twice at least before you hand in the form.

6. Relax – There’s no need to panic!

As long as you’re alert, and you know what you’re doing, then nothing can go wrong. If you have questions or if a problem arises, you can always talk to the bank teller and he/she’ll help you. Trust me on that, they really know what they’re doing.

I don’t know with you guys, but being able to do these kinds of things actually make me feel a bit happier – Less dependant and more outgoing, in a way.