Following the undisputed success of Sarah Geronimo and John Lloyd’s blockbuster movie, You Changed My Life, the demand for the “BEBE KORingtone of Sarah Geronimo and John Lloyd Cruz is rising, the ring tone “BEBE KO” either Sarah or John Lloyd’s version is pretty hot public request of both Popsters, JL Fans, and other audiences of the said movie, and we are proud to have the ring tone available here for you if the download instructions for the ringtones are not working.Sarah Geronimo - Bebe Ko

First and foremost, we’d like to ask you to support the ringtone by downloading it from the original source as .MP3 formated BEBE Ko Mp3 file, and if all the given means will still fail, feel free to download from our download links below.

Text TRU BEBE1 for John Lloyd’s Ring Tone, or TRU BEBE2 for Sarah’s ringtone; send both queries to 2366. This is open to all networks inside of the Philippines, and works only for MP3 capable phones.

UPDATE: Get both Sarah Geronimo and John Lloyd Cruz’ BEBE KO RINGTONE at My Personal Blog on my BEBE KO RINGTONE Post!