Yehey! Hurrey! I’m proud to inform everyone that we’re now finally owning a premium flickr account! Yes, we do! All this has been made possible by selling almost all our EntreCredits for renewals of a couple of domain names. We found out that we’ve got a few bucks left (good 30 US Dollar) and decided to use them to get us a flickr pro account.

Having 3 unverified paypal accounts made the purchase of a flickr account quiet complex for us. But the brilliant idea of Princess to let someone else purchase the flickr pro and gift it to us was well, brilliant. We’ve send over a couple of bucks to a good friend of ours when it comes to the finance department who then bought us a flickr pro account which we’ll definitely maximize the use of.

Watch out for the Flickr Pro Account of ours in action in the upcoming events! ^^,) We shall have you covered in words, and now in imagery as well.