It has often crossed my mind to stop blogging. I don’t know, I just feel so, and I don’t really think that blogging is something that really suits me well. But then again, my friends are there to cheer me up. They have named a few points why I should continue blogging, and why all of you, should too. They might sound like personal reasons, but you can take something from them as well.

1. Blog because you like to – Blogging is not all about making money on the internet. That is something that you (along with thousands of other new bloggers) need to realize. You cannot bet on making money from your blog immediately, that’s something that I learned first hand. And I tell you, thinking all about the money won’t give you anything at all.

2. Blog to help people – Another point that beholds truth for me. In my article last May 2009, the one about the free online watch of the Manny Pacquiao vs Ricky Hatton post (that has given me 35,000 pesos on a single day, by the way), I was able to help a lot of people. Yes, sharing free watch options for paid events ain’t sound that good, but I was able to help people. People who couldn’t afford watching the fight. There was this one comment that has really touched me. In which the commenter stated that I her father who was sick was very happy to be able to see the fight live for free. She also added that she has counted on my source among any others who were at her option. The feeling of being of any relevant use to other people replaces all the money that you make from blogging, and it is really a good feeling to know that aside for your own benefit, others have benefited from what you are doing online.

3. Blog to inform and educate – It still falls in line with helping people and vice versa, but you should also make sure that you blog to inform and to educate people. Blogging is one of the conversational mediums that the present generation is taking advantage of, and you should to. If you feel that it is right that the people need to know about something, then go ahead and tell them. Express yourself through your blog, educate people. Provide them with information that can make their live better and you are going to have a very happy readership, promise.

4. Blog to connect – We have got Facebook, Friendster, MySpace and their likes. But are these websites really the right way to connect with people? For some, it’s a yes, others may not be so sure about that. Connect with other people through your blog. You should cite them in your posts. You should recognize them. You could blog about your sister passing the Nursing Board Exam or so, for as long as you connect with other people around you. (this is more recommended for personal blogs)

5. Blog to keep a log – A log of everything you. Create a personal blog, add privacy around it, if you want and just blog away about yourself and your daily doings. It is very healthy and important to keep track about what is going in your life. You’ll appreciate all the efforts you are going to make at the present in the near future when you are going to look back at them.