All the editing is done. Everything is fixed, everything is ready and we’re about to start, and keep moving on. Pinoy Teens is back on track, and this time, for the very last time from the numerous promises I have left, it will stay so. This website has just upgraded its version again with a totally new look, totally new feel and a totally new objective in mind keeping it close to the EIE11, Entertaining, Informing and Educating.

It’s about time, said my co-blogger Princess Quin when I first introduced her to the totally new design of Pinoy Teens. Finally something that doesn’t looks too techy and serious, but doesn’t seems to be too young as well, something that blends to the ages of the authors here who aren’t actually teens anymore. Like me, who’s up and running at 18 soon to leave the te(e)n stage.

We’re starting something totally new, as we’ll be engaging entertainment related topics on this very blog, whilst Teen Philippines will spearhead the campaign for entertainment as our main entertainment blog. We’ll be asking people to guest post here and share their respective insights on topics that matter most to you and there’ll be tons of prizes coming up in a few contests and giveaways from Pinoy Teens, just like this very first and permanent giveaway we’re giving to other blog owners.

Entrecard Credits Giveaway to Active Readers

We’ll be giving away 7,000 entrecard credits on a weekly basis. Yes, 7,000 every week and maybe sometimes a bit more than that. Here’s all that you need to do, engage with our community, start responding to our topics and probably reply to other peoples opinion on our blog post.

Here’s the criteria for judging:

2,000 Credits will go to the person who leaves most number of comments during a weeks span. Your comment must be thoughtful and not appear as spam to our eyes, you can link yourself in the URL field, but do not leave comments promoting your blog. It’s nofollow anyway.

5,000 credits will go to the person who leaves the most insightful and thoughtful comments during the weeks span, no matter how often that particular person has responded, for as long has the said commentator has at least left 7 (that’s 1 per day) on our website.

Winners will be rewarded ahead of time every Sunday afternoon (Philippine Time) while the post regarding the winners may come in a little late. You are not required to post about having won entrecredits on our website, but you are recommended to invite your friends to meet our community too and win some credits.

As like I’ve mentioned above, we’ll be giving more than just the 7,000 per week. We’l give credits every now and then to random people or for some certain reason which we’ll be including in our weekly summary about this giveaway promo. Prizes cannot be turned into cash (paypal) credits.

Before I start to bore you too much, last and final thing that I want you to interact with is our poll regarding our new design. How do you like the new design? Please vote in the poll that you see on your sidebar and start your comment adventure on Pinoy Teens below!