The First President from Mindanao is all but set. Dwindling down the last 10% is merely a formality now, as Davao City Mayor Rodrigo Duterte would need to score 0 (plus lose some) and former DILG Sec. LP standard bearer Mar Roxas would need to rack all the remaining votes to catch up to Duterte’s virtually insurmountable 6,000,000 lead.

This means that the President-in-waiting will hail from Davao City. It’s only just that we Davaoeños (and yes, it’s not Davaoanians as some rubbish report has put it) will lead the way. Let’s educate our fellow countrymen on what’s in store once Duterte takes his place in the palace. Let’s set an example by continuing our obedience to the law. Let’s set an example by continuing our path of excellence and discipline.

We are not just a Major City from the South anymore. We’re the City that not only supported, but carried our Mayor into the national scene and at last, to the Presidency.

Are you proud of what we have achieved together? I have never truly appreciated our “Tayo’y Dabawenyo Song” until now.

#ChangeIsComing indeed. This is just the beginning.