I know that this is sort of a last minute post… but, who knows? Someone might actually find it useful. Hehehe.

Tomorrow, that’s the 9th of April 2012, is going to be a big day for the Davao Bloggers. That date is going to be the first General Assembly of its members and as well as the Induction of Officers for this term. It’s a bit into the year already, the fourth month of the year to be exact – but it’s better late than never!

While the General Assembly and Induction of current Officers may have taken a while, don’t be discouraged as the Davao Bloggers have got so many exciting surprises in store for you in the months to come!

If you happen to be from Davao City, happen to love blogging just like we all do, and are not yet a member of the Davao Bloggers… this is the event you must attend – this is your chance to become an official member of the Davao Bloggers!

> The General Assembly and Induction of Officers will happen at the Royal House from 2:00 to 6:00 in the afternoon.

### Eleven2 discounts.

Everyone who attends the Davao Bloggers General Assembly & Induction of Officers can avail of a hosting account at Eleven2* with $25** off.


*This is not an e2 promo but an initiative by the Pinoy Teens New Media to have all our fellow bloggers under decent hosting environments.
**$25 will be sent to your Paypal account 60 days after first invoice made. This rule is in place if in case people decide to cancel their account during the 60-days money back guarantee.