Daniel Padilla is soaring high as of late, and here comes another record the young artist has achieved: Daniel Padilla’s self-titled debut album reached the Platinum Record already!

“The Debut Album of Kathryn Bernardo’s “Princess and I” leading man became the fastest album to turn platinum at Star Records, selling over 20,000 copies in less than three months since release date”, says Jonathan Manalo.

Daniel Padilla Album Platinum Record

Daniel Padilla Album Platinum Record

For those interested, the album of Daniel Padilla is still out there at record bars all across the country. The now Platinum Debut Album includes one of his more popular singles, “Hinahanap-hanap Kita” along with 5 other songs at your disposal.

What can you say about this happening? For me, as a music enthusiast, it’s sad to see that Filipinos have started having a pretty bad taste in music – it could also just be that all of those who bought the albums were his fans and just did so to own something of his making – instead of truly going for the musical entertainment.

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