I was fortunate enough to be one of the about 40 students, writers and bloggers in attendance at the Creative Writing Workshop organized by the Davao Bloggers. It has enlightened me a lot, and I hope that I can remember all the lessons that I have learned from today. This workshop is unlike any other that I have been to yet. All people seem a lot more serious than at events like the Software Freedom Day or the WordCamp to name a few. It might also be because of the hefty entrance that all have paid, which is 300 Pesos; but absolutely worth every penny.

My Group busy creating a Poem, while I'm busy blogging :p

The workshop made me realize a lot of things that I have been doing was wrong, and that there is still a huge room for improvement for my writing. I doubt though that I will be able to apply everything from the lesson and the exercises into the real life, and my blogging routine. Maybe I can try to change my attitude towards the content I produce on another blog, but I doubt it’ll make any notable difference here as it has already been a trademark of me. The way I write I mean.

Still, I will try to integrate all the lesson I learned, or, at least all that I can remember into every post that I will publish from now on. It doesn’t sounds too complicated, but if you consider that I also need to keep my posts SEOptimized, it is going to be a level harder.

I am going to publish a more articulate article on my Personal Blog within the next forty eight hours in relation to the Workshop that I have attended this 27th of March 2010 here at PLDT Davao. To sum it up, please keep an eye on better articles for me! Everyone has the ability and chance to improve, don’t you think so? 🙂

I want to congratulate the people behind this event for a job well done, as I am more than pleased with what I have experienced today!