Former President Cory Aquino who did not managed to extend her stay on earth loosing in a colon cancer battle to the diseases has past away recently, and the Funeral of Cory Aquino, the said Mother of Democracy in the Philippines is just a sleep away, scheduled for tomorrow, Wednesday , August 5, 2009.

Aquino has served the Philippines well even prior her reign as the first woman president of the Philippines; where she has led the People Power 1 -a non-violent movement by the masses- during the Marcos Era. Her death burdens many, from the far edge of Luzon down to Mindanao, you can see the color yellow, almost everywhere, a yellow ribbon significant to Cory’s life, as this was the color that symbolizes her best and makes people remind of her best.

President Arroyo therefore declared the former President Cory Aquino Funeral dated  August 5, 2009, a Wednesday to be a non-working holiday, which means majority, if not all schools will have their off tomorrow.