One of the hottest ball games right at the start of the season took its dramatic end a couple of hours ago, in favor of the Ateneo de Manila University Blue Eagles who defeated the “Defending Champions” De La Salle with quiet some score behind. (I can’t recall the exact score) But I do recall some scenes of the match.

Ateneo led all the way at each end of of the two quarters in the first half, leading in the first quarter by 1 and the 2nd by 2 points. I admit, I didn’t expect Ateneo de Manila to win this match, with all the rookies and some good players not sighted anymore for the Ateneo Squad.

The first half was just like a typical classic, but the crisis for the Ateneans and as well as for the Green Chris Tiu #17 Ateneo de Manila Blue EaglesArchers took place in the latter quarters to come. People say that the victory of the Blue Eagles was pure luck, I say, it wasn’t luck, though luck may be needed some times. It’s not the fault of being lucky or unlucky if you cannot shoot precise enough from the Free Throw line, unlike Chris Tiu has showed off today.

Being consistent from the line was the key, although, Ateneo was not a real show off, but still, again, the consistency was the key. Like we mentioned, Ateneo can’t rely on a Chris Tiu show, everyone needs to contribute, and well, everyone has done their part. Special Mention for Long, Buenafe and Salamat who really did helped out in the closing quarters.

Ateneo ended the 3rd quarter with a spark, which flame then has been extinguished in the 4th and final quarter, for a technical foul called on their coach. The score was even steven that time with De La Salle in possession and just 10 minutes of the ball game on the way.

Somehow, Ateneo de Manila still managed to hold the defending champions off to claim the victory. Will this be another repetition of last years Season? Ateneo seems quiet strong at first, but.. Can they stand the champions the next time they’ll meet?

Chris Tiu didn’t had that spectacular game that I hoped he’ll have today, not much on the field, but very consistent from the line which killed the Green Archers. If Chris Tiu would be more consistent from the outside, I see very big problems for the other teams, and for the next time these two rivals meet, a big problem for the defending champions.

Shooting that well from the start to the end was anyways a quiet awesome performance from Chris Tiu, being the captain and having 22,008 people in attendance, he must have really felt some kind of pressure. But still. There’s only one color to celebrate for now, and that’s Blue, Animo Ateneo!