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MAYWEATHER JR is out of retirement, the match between Floyd Mayweather JR vs Manual Marquez is closing in. Who will be the number one after this boxing fight?

BOXING – Two of the greatest fighters in the world are said to clash together inside the ring. Two of the biggest names (from a biased view, biggest right after Pacquiao) are going to face each other to see who draws the bigger and who draws the shorter. The undefeated Mayweather JR is going to enter the ring one more time, after returning from retirement to face Mexican’s best Juan Manuel Marquez in a epic battle between two number one fighers for different reasons and from different countries. Who will reign on top after the fight? We can all speculate and debate what we like but we will only know once it gets going, once Floyd Mayweather Jr vs Juan Manuel Marquez will get ready to rumble.

Will Floyd Mayweather JR remain unbeaten?

It is indeed a big question to ask, will Floyd Mayweather JR remain unbeaten or can Marquez draw even with him at a single loss, as Marquez already has bagged a defeat noted to his professional record. This match was not really expected though, but this fight is very vital for either opponent since this boxing fight might determine who will next be blacklisted by Manny Pacquiao after his assignment with Cotto in the upcoming weeks.

Juan Manuel Marquez sweet awakening

Before we go too farfetch’d about the real deal lets head straight back to this fight. Marquez is surely the number one for one pack of the fans, while Mayweather JR has got his own points to be called the number one, especially when you look at his unbeaten record. The outcome will speak for itself and will answer our questions that are bothering our minds right now. Don’t you think?

SopCast Live Stream for Marquez vs Mayweather, for free.

We know well that Sopcast has aided the fights of Manny Pacquiao pretty nicely, we hope it will continue to complement the thousands of people looking forward to have this fight seen for free, online as well; through the said software and given channel. We still have to confirm whether Sopcast is truly reliable for this Mayweather Jr vs Marquez fight, so until then, we’ll leave you with this post, leaving you with a short note; “we’ll keep you updated about free streams anytime soon.”