I still won’t be able to share to the world my post about the 2nd Mindanao Bloggers Summit which is the first one that I have attended. Obstacles like time limit on the computer and lack of resources of pictures are hindering me from publishing an hopefully nice post.

So, instead of worrying about that post, I’ve come to the decision to let this one out. After attending the Mindanao Bloggers Summit and learning from both the speakers and bloggers in attendance, I came to understand that stats are nothing if you are not happy with what you’re doing (just like me who feels very unsatisfied with my stat placements). It’s you who makes your blog and you should enjoy blogging every word on it. And that’s what I am going to do in the next couple of weeks. I’ll be moving to a new domain name soon, no, don’t worry, Pinoy Teens will continue to coexist, just dubbed under a new name which I can’t share with you yet.

But for sure, you can expect it to be better, not that fancy, simple and straight to the point. It’ll be a more personal blog, but still with the “general Filipino Youth’s” interest on mind.

I made this decision because I saw the need for a change, on the left hand, I noticed the prior pinoyteens.net to be quite an underdog, being a .net domain name only, and on the other hand, I noticed that this domain name has come quite far already, and needs it’s deserving rest from all the success, intrigues and everything that happened on it.

Pinoy Teens Online isn’t Pinoy Teens Online anymore. It makes no more essence to me to continue writing this blog. I need a new start, to correct all my mistakes committed before and to clean my reputation for those who have forsaken my online existence. So please, watch out for the opening of Buhay Kabataan. A new blog, a new world, a brand new experience to relive.