Why do you choose to blog?

If you’re not a stranger to the Internet you’ve probably noticed that a lot of people go into blogging.

Social media has already taken over the world by storm with Facebook, Twitter, and the recently public Google Plus. These social networking sites allow people to share their experiences and opinions at a much faster rate compared to writing on a blog.

“Blogging is dead” is a common expression all over the web, claiming that the purpose of blogging is no longer relevant because of the presence of social media.

So then, why do people still blog?


Blogging, Is It Dead?


On the contrary, blogging has never been more relevant than what it is today.

In this fast-paced world of information and technology, blogging provides someone the power to reach out to a gazillion people, and bringing quality content into the mix.

So why do people keep saying that blogging is dead?

Well, it’s true, actually. And it’s also not.

Let’s talk about how blogging has died.


Saturation Has Killed Blogging


10 years ago blogging was something new. Something fresh. And not a lot of people were blogging back then.

That’s why bloggers like Chris Brogan were extremely popular, and powerful, if I might add.

Whatever they say, people listen. Well, that was 10 years ago.

Today, they’re still influential and powerful, but the blogosphere is so saturated that new bloggers won’t be able to find their place on the Internet.

If you start a blog about tech updates, or cooking, or about your personal thoughts and ramblings, your blog is going to drown amongst a million other bloggers doing the same thing as you.

And even though your intentions are good, you’re just copying content, or posting random ramblings that people just don’t find as useful as reading that same content on a site like Mashable.com.


Is Blogging A Waste Of Your Precious Time?


Simply blogging is a waste of your time. You’ll be better off posting on Facebook or Twitter, or Google Plus.

Blogging is not entirely dead, it’s just evolved into something else. And it’s called Content Marketing.

If you start a blog about mountain biking, make sure it’s about mountain biking. Don’t throw in a post about Basketball. Stick to your theme.

Content marketing is basically creating wonderful text that teaches, helps people or drive sales to your business or product, whether it be mountain bike parts, or the idea of mountain biking.

You’re selling an idea, an item or a lifestyle. Something that you truly believe in, and something that you love.

If you’re going to make a food blog, don’t just stick to posting about food places and their menus and prices. Add personal opinion, and if you like the place, sell that place to your readers. Make it seem like  the best decision that they will ever make is to eat at that restaurant.

Content marketing is the new and improved blogging.


How Do You Do It?


For starters, it’s basically just convincing people to buy the idea , or product that you’re blogging about.

It can be a local restaurant, a TV show, a smartphone, a lifestyle change, a sport, anything. Whatever you’re blogging about, make it sound like the best thing in the whole damn world.

You can even sell yourself. Well, your services, I mean.

You can do freelancing, or you can promote your hometown and convince people to visit it, or if you’re that aggressive, make them want to live there.

The same thing as I’m doing now, I’m selling the idea that blogging is dead, when it really isn’t, but just evolved, or leveled up. A lot.

I’m trying to convince at least one person in the entire world that blogging should be more than just status updates and copy-pasted text. That you should be posting more than just a random thought, but instead turn that random thought into something that can either sell something, or make the world a better place.


Make the World A Better Place


…for bloggers, for your readers, and for everyone else.

Promote your hometown. Promote your country. Promote your lifestyle. Promote the music that you love. Promote the food that you love. Promote the brand of toothbrush you use. Do whatever you can to make the world a better place.

Promote green living. Promote a paperless office. Promote bike-riding. Promote a “smoke-free” country.

In the end it’s all up to you on why you want to blog. It’s also up to you on what you post on it. Wouldn’t it just be neat if we made the world a better place through our blogs?

For me, I promote the idea of Simplifying and Enjoying Life through my blog, where I talk about slowing down your hectic pace, and finding time to enjoy the things that we already have, and those that are within reach, as well as taking time doing the things that really matter.

How about you? Are you still just blogging, or have you evolved? Let’s talk about it in the comments section below.