Last May 12, 2012 – one of Davao’s homegrown brands (that made it big time in Manila) celebrated the first year anniversary of their Bioessence Serenity Spa located at the third floor of Abreeza Mall, Davao City along with the launch of their new product called pH formula.

In attendance of course was yours truly and over a dozen members of the Davao Bloggers and other friends from the press.

This wasn’t the first time that I attended a Press Event by Bioessence yet it was unlike any other event I attended where they were the hosts.

Iya Villania and Nikki Gil for Bioessence

Kevin Paquet and Bioessence icon Iya Villania

Kevin Paquet and Bioessence icon Iya Villania

The first thing I want to talk about are these two beautiful gals who both are the new faces of Bioessence – Iya Villania and Nikki Gil. What’s most notable about this is, that this years prominent models of Bioessence are much younger than those in recent years. Reason for this is the ongoing campaign of Bioessence which aims to encourage not only the older market of forty plus but those falling in to the younger age bracket to start taking care of their health and skin.

To quote Iya: Aging will come to everyone. We can’t avoid t but yes, we can delay it. So why not start at a young age taking care of yourself?

It is their belief that if you start taking care of your health and skin early on, you’ll end up aging more healthier and beautifully. It does makes sense, as prevention is much better than reversing existing skin problems.

Speaking of skin problems, something else that Bioessence had got in store for the audience of media and clients present at their main branch at Marfori Road, Davao City was the launch of a new product called phFormula which comes straight from Spain.

Bioessence new product: pH Formula

pH Formula is Bioessence’s answer to the problems where competition falls short are end up being too extreme. It’s the best solution available on the market today for your wrinkling, pigments, et cetera problem that bug you each time you look in the mirror.

If you’re worried that pH formula might end up with bad side effects like darkening your skin after a few weeks from your treatment – worry no more as such is definitely not going to happen with you.

Being a light treatment, pH formula causes limited to zero skin trauma and skin irritation at all. Leaving your skin well and healthy and out of reach from the side effects other treatments might cause. The best thing about it for me is, that this particular way of treatment, the pH formula way, is backed up by scientists and dermatologists in the last three decades.

It’s the penultimate product of thorough research and development over the years and like I said, both the best and safest solution available on the market. No other competitor has this kind of treatment in its clutches but Bioessence.

If you guessed that our day ended with the presentation of the new models (crowned by the presence of one of them, Iya Villania herself) and the new product – you guessed wrong!

Bioessence Serenity Spa Davao – Year 1

I started off with this post informing you that Bioessence’s other brand in its hometown city (Davao) is celebrating its first year (along with pretty much any other establishment at Abreeza). It wouldn’t be a celebration with a little party though!

Thanks to Iya, both clients and mall shoppers alike got to see her perform a few songs and dance numbers at the Abreeza Mall Activity Center showcasing not only her talent, but her natural beauty and appeal just what you’d expect from a Bioessence icon!

But of course, that Mall Event is another story… I won’t be writing about, ’cause I wasn’t there. Boo!