To all female readers, beware of a new Modus Operandi employed by Gangs to rape their victims. They will use the charm of children to trap you, and get you.

Gangs, not only in Davao City are said to be utilizing a new modus operandi, more effective than any other to have their victims raped, and probably killed afterwards. Be careful in everything that you do, whatever and wherever you do so. Your feelings might be misleading, and lead you right into a trap, and as a victim of a rape.

The New Modus Operandi to Rape Women

It’s very simple, but noted effectively. They will use children, stray children, let’s say; to get your attention.

Always beware, no matter how pity looking they are.

Always beware, no matter how pity looking they are.

The children may ask you to guide them to their homes, because they don’t find the way back to their homes, but that’s a total lie. Instead of guiding them home, they will be the once guiding you straight into a trap. Always, yes, always deliver these stray children to the police. It is their duty to take care of these children, and not yours, you don’t want to make a mess out of your life and be the next victim of a gang rape around the next corner.

Spread the word of the New Modus Operandi

Please spread this message to all people that you know, let’s make the public aware, share this link through Facebook, Twitter, Plurk and other social networks that you are on. Text your friends about this, and keep in mind that you should be cautious at all times, no matter how angelic that kid might look to you.